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Общественное Объединение Сеть экспертов устойчивого развития Центральной Азии

In Arnasay village, in the Green technologies center of Akmola region, the next training on dissemination of available technologies for sustainable energy and water supply, organic food and sustainable housing was held on 7 December 2018.

The participants of the training - representatives of small and medium business, farmers and NGOs from neighbouring villages have discussed a best practices and green technologies. More than 20 technologies were demonstrated at the event and a practical guidance on the application of the simplest technologies was presented.

The training was organised according to the initiative of NGOs from the Central Asia countries and the Caucasus with the support of the ARGO project "Partnership for Innovation". The goal of the project is collection and dissemination of available and simplest a green practices and technologies. More than 130 such technologies were proposed by experts and organisations from the countries of Central Asia, Russia and the Caucasus:

At the next step all proposals should be analysed and discussed with interested experts and users for further wide dissemination

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