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Общественное Объединение Сеть экспертов устойчивого развития Центральной Азии

A network of sustainable development experts as a partner of the National Water Partnership of Kazakhstan supported the development of a National Action Plan for the implementation of SDG 6.5 (IWRM) in Kazakhstan, as SDG 6.5 (water management) is a key issue for the future of not only water resources, but also the entire socio-economic development of Kazakhstan .

At the seminar in Astana, on November 13, 2018 with the participation of ministries, departments, scientific, project, international organizations and NGOs, the basis for such an action plan (attached) was formed, including sections: legislation, management, tools, cross-border cooperation and others.


We ask all interested to give comments and suggestions to the draft Plan.


The draft Plan is currently being discussed with organizations and experts. It is planned that in March 2019 a final seminar will be held in Almaty, where the draft Plan will be finally approved and sent to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan for integration and integration into existing strategies and programs, as well as for monitoring and controlling the implementation of SDG 6.5.

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