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Общественное Объединение Сеть экспертов устойчивого развития Центральной Азии


With the support of the CAMP4ASB project, the Regional Network of NGOs for the dissemination of accessible green technologies took part in the Conference and Pre-Conference Session “Cooperation for the Implementation of Climate Resistant Technologies in the Energy, Agriculture and Water Resources Sectors”.

The conference participants, recognizing the need for global and national strategies for adaptation to climate change, also recommended that greater attention be paid to the introduction of accessible technologies at the local level. The reports noted the steps taken to collect information and select available technologies for autonomous water and energy supply, as well as food production. But bringing these technologies to the general population, farmers, households, small and medium-sized businesses through education and training, as well as access to financing, remains an urgent task in Central Asia and other regions.

Excerpts from the session reports:

• The most popular technologies for adaptation to climate change in the countries of Central Asia include technologies for water saving, energy supply and increasing land productivity. When planning and implementing technologies and practices, cooperation of experts and organizations, exchange of experience, access to information and funding are important.
• Some work is being done in the region to collect information and create databases on climate-resilient technologies, but awareness of the general public, conducting training sessions for farmers, small and medium-sized businesses and other interested groups of the population, as well as exchange of experience and accessibility information in the national languages ​​of the countries of the region.
• In this regard, it is important to support NGO initiatives on the dissemination of the simplest climate-resilient technologies among individual users of natural resources and small farms at the local level, including the use of modern information media and information, including social networks, video, electronic mailings and electronic platforms.

At the Conference held with the support of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the World Bank, the Executive Committee of IFAS and CAREC, an exhibition of accessible technologies was also organized with a demonstration of full-scale samples of low-cost technologies, videos and manuals on practical issues of their production and use.


More information about the conference’s results and exhibition materials can be found at:…/1mQGriqzwKoAnANU4o6yhjHd110UR8Nn-

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