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Общественное Объединение Сеть экспертов устойчивого развития Центральной Азии



Dissemination best practices and available technologies

Dear colleagues!

The dissemination of a best practices and green technologies is a priority of many programs and strategies of the countries of Central Asia, the Caucasus and other countries. It has special significance for vulnerable population, out settlements, marginal territories, farms, small and medium‐sized businesses.

The NGO Network of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia initiated collection and dissemination among general population a best practices and available technologies for sustainable energy and water use.

Taking into account the experience and information available at many organizations and experts, we invite to cooperation on the creation and joint development of an open database for all. Received information and the database on available technologies will be widely disseminated through the mass media and social networks, as well as posted on the web site.


Please send information in the attached format or make it directly to the table (as the basis for the future database), located at:


NGO «Network of Experts for Sustainable Development of Central Asia» (Kazakhstan)
NGO «Tebigy Kuwwat» (Turkmenistan)
NGO «Youth Ecological Center, Tajikistan»
NGO «Ecoforum of non‐governmental non‐profit organizations of Uzbekistan»
NGO Society «Sustainable Development» (Azerbaijan)
NGO «National Water Partnership of Armenia»
NGO «Community Foundation Genius Loci» (Georgia)

Download invitation in English

Download invitation in Kazakh

Download invitation in Russian

Download invitation in Turkmen

Download invitation in Tajik

Download invitation in Uzbek

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