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Общественное Объединение Сеть экспертов устойчивого развития Центральной Азии

The training workshop "Dissemination of best practices and available technologies" was held on October 26, 2018 in the training center "Ecofermer", Kemertogen village, Almaty region.

Participants: farmers and farms, cooperatives and associations, educational organizations and NGOs, ecosettlements, experts.

Reports of experts and participants:

- Database of available technologies in the field of water and energy supply and food production;
- Waste consumption and what can be done to reduce it;
- Social relations and education of children in nature;
- Logistics projects to support farmers;
- A joint economy and new opportunities for cooperation;
- Green technologies and climate change adaptation measures in the Netherlands;
- Survival technologies (for example, in conditions of supervolcano ejection);
- Practical examples of technologies for farming (Californian worms, house building - tents made of straw and clay, breeding fish, birds, rabbits, the production of biogas from organic waste, etc.).
The participants decided:

- continue to collect and distribute available technologies for wide practical use,
- create a permanent network for the exchange of experience and the dissemination of affordable technologies and practices.

According to the results of the training seminar, all participants received certificates.


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